Previous website published work

Lilu Natural Swimming Pool – Manouba, Tunisia.

Mahmud Qabadu Mosque – Manouba, Tunisia.

Eco-Friendly Public Housing Development – Manouba, Tunisia.

Residence-Atelier-Foundation – Marrakech, Morocco.

Revolution Tower – World Social Center (WSC), Tunis, Tunisia.

Community Center in Kenya with

Modular Transitional Growth Housing. 

Suburbia project:

Housing Project:

Recent website published work - 2018

La Colline aux Oliviers – Manouba, Tunisia.

Coffee Shop – Bir Salah, Tunisia.

Hard copy publications

  • AD – African Design Magazine – – pp. 60-61 – March 2017. Hybrid Architecture
  • Idprestige – Maroc – # 37 – – p 108 – December 2016 – January 2017. Mahmud Qabadu Mosque 
  • AD – African Design Magazine – – pp. 64-65 – Febuary 2017. Social Housing in Tunisia.
  • AD – African Design Magazine – – pp. 24-27 – May 2016. Residence-Atelier-Foundation – Marrakech, Morocco.
  • Idprestige – Maroc – #36 – – pp. 62-63. Residence-Atelier-Foundation – Marrakech November 2016.
  • eVolo – Architecture Magazine; p 21  – Sept 2014. Revolution Tower – World Social Center (WSC), Tunis, Tunisia.
  • BAOBAB – Lieux Peuples et Revendications # 3.  April 2013. Révolution tunisienne et espace démocratique.
  • Resolution (Repositioning the Relation Between Man and  Nature);  pages 276P-310P; A&J Int Printing and Publishing Co., LTD.(HK) with Tianjin University Press. 2010.
  • The Architects Newspaper,  Shipping a Vernacular Village Out to Africa, by Gunnar Hand (New York, NY), December 20, 2010. Philippe Barriere and William Zahner fabricate a new village in Kenya’s Rift Valley.
  • Palafito, De Arquitectura Vernacular a Contemporeanea, Alej. Bahamon, Ana Alvarez, pad, 2009.
  • New Prefab Architecture; edited by Sergi Costa Duran; Publisher: LOFT Publications; 2008.
  • Spaces, Kansas City. June July 2007. The space between by Lorrie Leifer (Specialists).
  • The Press, At Home Building and Design. New Zealand; February 2007. High Tech Luxury.
  • Popular Science, The House of the Future, November 2006. ParkUrbia home prototype (cover page).
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  • Review, Architecture 2003: The Urban Planned. August 2003. Article by Andrew Vratil.
  • Review, Art Review, February-March 2003. Philippe Barrière.
  • Gallery 400 catalogue, Death by Architecture. 2003.

National and International recognition

  • Sarah Magida Toumi Community Center, World Architecture Community Awards 27th  Cycle. March 2018.
  • Residence Atelier Fondation (Marrakech, Morocco), shortlisted by the television series The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes for the BBC and Netflix .November 2017.
  • World Architecture Community Awards 24th  Cycle. February 2017.
  • Top 10 Private Space of 2016 – Design Boom – . December 2016.
  • Special Guest, International Séminare, Ordre des Architectes de Costantine (CLOA). Costantine, Algeria. November 2014.
  • Shortlisted after an international search process for the design of the World Social Center (WSC)) and reconfiguration of Tunis main squarre, Tunisia. May 2012.
  • Special Feature “ AIA Design Week”, AIA Convention, Kansas City. (USA). March 2012.
  • “Repositioning the Relation Between Man and Nature” – Special Feature AIA Convention Kansas City. (USA). Mars 2012.
  • “Repositioning the Relation Between Man and Nature” RIBA Bookstore best seller list. (Royal Institute of British Architects). (London, England), Fall 2011.
  • “Repositioning the Relation Between Man and Nature” – Prix Spécial 2010 ESA. (École Spéciale d’Architecture de Paris). (Paris, France), December 2010.
  • Awarded entry competion by Providens Group Limited SA ( for the design of a new 450-dwelling development near Jacmel. 2010-2011.
  • Firm selected by popular internet vote  by Game Over Art web site for Tunisian Art Gallery (TAG) to exhibit art work impossible to display before its recent revolution.
  • Suburbia as National Park, Notable Submission, DWELL Re-Burbia Competition. Nov. 2009.
  • Awarded entry after an international selection by Planet Art eXchange for the John Lennon Memorial Pavilion “Im-agine”,  a Mixed media project for the Penny Lane De-velopment Trust in Penny Park. Liverpool. Dec 2009 – 2011.
  • “Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres” (Knight of the Order of Arts and Literature) an honor bestowed by the French Ministry of Culture for contributions and achievements in the field of architecture. France; 2006.
  • MTGH, Modular Transitional Growth Housing, Next Generation Runner Up, Next Generation Design Competition sponsored Metropolis, Metropolis 2006.  U.S; 2006.
  • Selected competition entry “Home House Project, The future of affordable housing” Dec. 2003.
  • American Architecture Award bestowed by the Chicago Athenaeum. (Chicago, Ill); U.S; 2001 (Philippe Barriére Collective w/ Philippe Barriére 501 Studio, University of Kansas).
  • American Architecture Award bestowed by the Chicago Athenaeum. U.S; 2001 (Philippe Barriére Collective w/ Philippe Barriére 501 Studio, University of Kansas).