Marylin Manson Stage Set.

“The Golden Age of the Grotesque”

The Rock culture expresses the only space left in modern society that is still emancipated; the stage embraces all that is usually concealed, or forbidden. Marilyn Manson’s performances have been called offensive and obscene, and banned from performing. The band have engaged in shocking behavior both onstage and off. Their lyrics often express anti-religious sentiment and references to sex, violence and drugs. The Golden Age of the Grotesque single is titled: “mOBSCENE” so the stage set,

Philippe Barriere Collective Tn (PB+Co), w/ Eddie Chiu-Fai Can. Original Concept from "Interdiction" to "Permissiveness" series (Taboo and Transgression in Architecture), 1998-2001.

Date2003–2005Location“The Golden Age of the Grotesque” TourClientCriteria Studios, Miami