Selected Projects List

Residence-Atelier-Foundation, Marrakech, Morocco. (2015-2016).
Hybrid Architecture model combining traditional methods of constructions, local crafts and materials with parametric design and digital manufacturing. Architecture Complex designed for the painter Amal Ben Brik and her family to resource in peace. It comprises a private residence, a pavilion for her 3 children and for guest artists and her atelier can also host an art gallery and a foundation.

A Rural Agora for Bir Sallah (El Hencha), Tunisia. (2014-2015).
Project made possible through a research on “Hybrid Habitat” done with: Laval University (Québec), School of University Ibn Khaldoun, ENIT (Tunis School of Engineers). Young International Chamber of Commerce (JCIT). Luxor Technology & Trade, Tunis, Tunisia.
Cultural and Educational Development Center based on social, agricultural, artisanal and technological innovation.

World Social Center, Place du Peuple, Esplanade du Peuple, Creative City, schematic design for Fondation Symboles, Tunis, Tunisia. May 2012 – May 2013.
Reconfiguration of “Place du 14 Janvier”, design for a tower “World Social Center”, for an “Agora du
Peuple”, the “Esplanade du Peuple”, Creative City with the Gardens of Delights and of Freedom. Development of a new complexe at the of center with all the facilities to support and celebrate the Revolution for the Fondation Symoles. Team: Microsoft Tunisia, Make-it-Architecure (Local Architect).

Design for a Private House condition for Francois Louvel in Crete within a pre-existing footprint. September 2012 – February 2013.

Paysages en mouvement YUL-MTL. A20 corridor Montréal 17 km entrance gate. Nov 2011.
Idea Competition organised by SHUKO Montréal.

Urban housing development (450 apt.) with mixed facilities, sponsored by HDAF (Haiti Delaware Alliance Foundation) Jacmel, Haiti. 2010-2011.
Competition Winner 2010 – Design development pour le Providence Group 2011

‘Imagine’ Memorial Project a Site Specific Mixed Media Art Venue Penny Lane, Design for a pavillon. Liverpool. Dec 2009- 2011.
Production Team: Creative producer – Lotfi Kaabi, Planet Art eXchange, U – Curator – Mark America, US – Interactive content – Smart Lab – A/V Tracking – Sonom Collective & Eduardo Ruiz.

Aménagement des abords de la station de métro Champ-de-Mars. Montréal Canada. Mai 2010.
Idea Competition organised by SHUKO Montréal.
Communitiy Center for CTC Int. with A. Zahner Co. (Maai Mahiu, Kenya). Sept 07-2011.
1 – Schematic design for: – Community center (2007-2011) – Handicap school (2011) – Workshop (Malika Mother’s Sewing Projct)(2011) – Clinic (day care center) (2010-2011).
2 – Mock up prototype of a unit with A. Zahner Co (2010).

David Bartle, House and Musician Retreat, Eden Roc Estate (Pahoa, Hawaii). Jan. 2007.
Invited Competition

James West Country Home with A. Zahner co. (London, Arkansas). Nov. 2006.
Design adaptation of MTGH for a weekend residence.

Medical Clinics with Hotel Residence, Dubai (United Arab Emerates). 2006.
Pre-schematic proposal for a Alternative Clinic + Healing Center + Rejuvenation Center.
Medical Clinics with Bungalows Residence in Al-Ain Oasis (Emirates Eco Resort). 2006.
Pre-schematic for a Rejuvenation Clinic + Healing Center complex facility in Al Maha an exclusive desert conservation reserve.

Arab World Institute, Ras al-Khaimah, (United Arab Emirates). 2006-2014.
Pre-schematic study of Dubai Arab World Institute. Include a Conference, a Cultural Art Center with a Museum, a Research and Economical Development Center with offices.

Chicago Art Center, Dan Ryan Expressway at Cominskey Park Stadium (Chicago, Ill). Sept. 2002-2008.
Project in Association with Heitman Architects, Incorporate (Chicago, Ill).
Art Center located on the Dan Ryan Expressway, between Cominskey Park Stadium and the Illinois Institute of Technology. Includes parking, Quick Trip Gas Station on the exist ramp on both sides of the highway.
Katrina DesignCompetition sponsored by MacGraw-Hill Construction; Architectural Record Competition “High Density on the High Ground”. January 2006.

MTGH, Modular Transitional Growth Housing, Metropolis 2006 Next Generation Design Competition sponsored Metropolis. Fall 2005.
Next Generation Runner Up.

Design for 2 testing centers Sri Lanka with A. Zahner co., April – May 2005.
Proposals initiated by the King Fund (England) after Tsunami disaster: – Central Sri Lanka: Test Center with lab. training and accomodation for 20 students plus 4 faculty – Northern Sri Lanka: Rural Diagnostic Units.

Home House Project, SECCA (Southwest Center for Cont. Art, Winston Salem, NC). Nov-Dec. 2003.
Selected competition entry “Home House Project, The future of affordable housing”: (see National Tour, and MIT Book).

Marilyn Manson Tour Stage Set. 2001-2002.
Schematic proposal for a stage set for a video production and for planned the “ The Golden Age of Grotesque” US Tour 2003, based on a similar concept already done for Guns “N” Roses project.

Kelley Residence, ParkUrbian home (Kansas City, Ks). 1998-2000.
Design development for a house, based on the similar design of Guns “N” Roses project.

Office Building Renovation and Addition (Kansas City, KS). 1997-1998.
Schematics for an extension allowing communication between 2 floors.
Philippe Barrière Studio (New York, NY). March 1990-Sept 1995.

List of selected projects:
Georgia O’Keefe Artist Residence (Abiquiu, NM). 1995.
Competition for the Georgia O’Keefe Artist Residence.

Memorial for the “Unknown Soldiers” (Palomas,Az). 1995.
Competition for a Memorial for the “Unknown Soldiers”.

Guns “N” Roses stage set (Alpine, TX). 1994-1995.
Schematics for rehearsal/pod demountable stage set complex including living and recording space, for a video production (Geffen Records) and for the planned “Knockin’on Heavens Door” tour (cancelled).

Renee Fotouhi, 347 East 55th Street (New York, NY). 1992-1994.
Designed five-story town house for an art dealer. Design development includes gallery showroom, 2 apts. and parking with GMS (Gilsanz Murray Steficek) structural engineering and consulting.

Enid Sanford Loft Renovation, 34 Spring Street (New York, NY). 1992-1994.
Designed interior and supervised construction (completed).

Live Music Restaurant Orfeo (New York, NY). 1990-1991.
Designed interior and supervised construction for lower East Side cabaret/restaurant (completed).