Private Residence

ParkUrbia Architecture

The home is conceived as midpoint between natural and human nature. It occupies the edge between nature (the natural world) and human nature (the human condition); it provides an opening to “all that is” (the interior and exterior world). The morphogenesis shown in the images explores the fusion of nature and human nature, an individuation process from which the prototype emerges as a singular hybrid in-between artefact and living thing.

Phase 1 Design team: Philippe Barrière with Hoang Dang, Eddie Chiu-Fai Can and Stanley Lau based on GNR project (Philippe Barriere Collectiven(PB+Co 1995-98).
Phase 2 the Trans_myth prototype in collaboration with Philippe Barriere 5th year Studio (University of Kansas SAUD. Phase 2 Design team: Dan Ayars, Derek Banocy, James Dee, Aaron Smith, Matthew Chiodini, Patrick Gleason, Hiroshi Hayashi, Jason Kamihira, Alejandro Ogata (Philippe Barriere 5th year Studio University of Kansas (SAUD)).

- AIA San Francisco (San Francisco, Ca), group show. July 17- Aug 17 2001.
- Sonoma Museum of Visual Art (Santa Rosa, Ca), group show. March 31-June 11, 2001. Enlightened: The Use of Glass in Architecture (Reviewed);
- Art and Design Gallery, Univ. of Kansas (Lawrence, KS), Sept 9-15. 2000.
- The Pearl, Art Gallery (Kansas City, MO), May 2000.

Date1998-2001LocationKansas City (generic model for ParkUrbia), (Ks) USAClientSean Kelley Residence, design development for a house based on a similar concept already done for Guns’N Roses stage set project