Rebuilding Haïti (Jacmel)

Urban housing project

Awarded first prize, the competition entry envisioned an urban housing project comprising 450 (town house) apartments with an additional mix of facilities. Bio climatic design that processes both vernacular model and cultural heritage.
Sponsored by Haiti Delaware Alliance Foundation, the competition subsequently led to work on the design development phase of the project, under Providence Group supervision.

Philippe Barrière Collective Tn (PB+Co) with Christelle Montreuil Jean-Pois, Charles Gretas, Guillaume Laurin, Samuel Pouliot, Hughes Saint-Hilaire, Julien Beauchamp, Guillaume Laurin.

Date2010 - 2011LocationJacmel, HaitiClientHDAF - Haiti Delaware Alliance FoundationDigital ArtistMathieu GrenierStructural and (BFUP) specialist EngineerPascal Pierrre