Hybrid Architecture for Private Residence

Located in a rural landscape and sheltered by an olive tree grove, the Residence-Atelier-Foundation is facing the majestic white outline of the Atlas Mountains. The complex is designed for the painter Amal Ben Brik and her family to resource in peace. It comprises a private residence, a pavilion for her 3 children and for guest artists and her atelier to retreat and focus on her work. In addition the complex can also host an art gallery and a foundation dedicated to encourage Moroccan women artist vocation.
The eco-friendly design and the construction are based on Hybrid Architecture principles (high-tech/low-tech). It is built with low-tech low-cost traditional adobe walls and with a high-tech ETFE lightweight cantilevered metallic frame canopy. An outer layer of water repellent curtains protects the entire house from the outside.

Design Team Philippe Barriere Collective Tn (PB+Co) : Kaouther Moussa, Bahroun Khaoula, Mahmoud Abassi, Amine Torchani.

Date(2015-2016)LocationNear Marrakech, Oed/Hassoun, Dr/Zankara, Ain Neffad.ClientAmal Ben Brik.Structural EngineerSchlaich Bergermann & Partner,