Khayr al-Din Elementary School

Hybrid Architecture for Education Facility

Elementary school for a rural community.
Conceived as an attractive center in the middle of the park, the elementary school is designed  for 300 pupils. It is carefully related to nearby satellite amenities to complete its role.  These facilities expand on the school educational mission, multiplying from different points of view and ability, its attractiveness and access through various creative forms of expression – cultural (cultural center), physical (swimming pool, sports fields), educational (botanical garden) or recreational (park)).  Together they establish a liberal arts  supportive network that plays an essential part for an open humanistic education in a rural park.
Directly connected to the school, the cultural center functions as an important extension introducing students to artistic, musical and intellectual events (theater, poetry, concerts…). They both share  the same functional spaces (libraries, exhibition space, amphitheater, internet center, cafeteria …etc.) and the same outdoor spaces (outdoor amphitheatre and public Agora) designed for large gathering for outdoor performance.  Since they do not have the same attendance hours, their scheduling does not interfere with each other.
The school is in direct connection with sportive activities in the park (football fields, tennis courts, basket ball courts and public swimming pool). Pupils play an active role in the park maintenance and in botanical garden nursery. They learn how to cultivate flowers and take care of trees.
The architecture of the school is based on the principles of hybrid architecture and of bioclimatic architecture.  The two east and west lateral corridors, running along side each classroom , function as bioclimatic buffers sheltering classrooms from the outside and as an additional multipurpose service spaces reminiscent of traditional Tunisian “ganarias”

Design Team Philippe Barriere Collective Tn (PB+Co) : Aboudou Azize Olawolé Marcos, Ibrahim Tameur Abbassi, Vicky Tessier, Tania Paula Garza, Lucie Riedweg, Yosri Boukadida, Yosri Boukadida, David Boisseau, Wael Ben Mansour.

Software: RhinoVAULT - (Block Research Group BRG).

Date(2016-2017)LocationCity of Jedaida, Manouba Governorate – Tunisia.Design phase: Design development ClientTunisian Republic, Manouba Governorate, Delegation of Jedaida and Société de promotion immobilière. Le Mont Fleury Groupe Bayahi.Digital ArtistAbderrrahmen